Online Tutorials

Udemy Courses with Britney Cheng

So what happens after you buy your diabolo? Where can you go to learn all the cool diabolo tricks? Well lucky for you, Ms. Britney is not only a talented diabolo player herself, she is also an amazing instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. She breaks down tricks and takes you through the entire learning process step by step. If you are having a difficult time understanding something, feel free to message her anytime! Her courses are well suited for everyone from beginners picking up their first diabolo to coaches and instructors who want to learn a systematic way to teach their students. So if you haven't already, click here and start enhancing your diabolo skills with Ms. Britney Cheng! 


Diabolo Lessons with Graham Lo

Of course some of you may wonder if  lessons in person are available. Well for those of you closer to the east coast, you're in luck! Our very own distributor, Graham Lo, is not only one of the top ranked diabolo players in the states, but also a very experienced instructor. He has been teaching and performing in the tri-state area for the past 6 years and currently resides in New York. So for those nearby, whether you're looking to buy a diabolo, organize a performance, or schedule a lesson, you can easily reach him here for more information. If you would like to check out his performances over the years, you can do so here

Graham Lo also offers diabolo classes open to the public at glow community center located in Flushing New York. Contact Graham or call 917-836-5413 for more information.