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Common Queries

What are the different types of diabolos?

Bearing diabolos are categorized in single bearing, triple bearing, and five bearings.

  • Single bearings are recommended for beginners who have little to no experience with the diabolo.

  • Triple bearings and five bearings spin a lot faster than single bearings. We recommend triple bearings and five bearings to more advanced players.

  • Five bearings will accelerate to a fast speed in a shorter amount of time than a triple bearing, but a triple bearing will maintain its speed for a longer duration. 

  • Fixed axle diabolos are categorized into long fixed axle or short fixed axle. The weight of long fixed axle will be more distributed among the cups while short fixed axle will have most of the weight centered around the axle. 

What are the different kinds of cups?

Diabolos have many different kinds of cups. 

  • Shiny cups are transparent and have a simple design.

  • Marble cups are made of the same material as shiny cups but are not transparent and have a more intricate design. We do not recommend attaching LED lights to marble cups. 

  • Falcon cups are composed of 2 different kinds of material and are softer than shiny and marble cups. Falcon cups are more weather resistant than other cups. 

  • Evolution cups also have a simple design but includes a ring to help support the cups. 

What is the difference between a pro model and a non-pro model?

The only difference will be the aesthetics and colors of the cups. There is no difference in the material, weight, or how the diabolo functions in general. Each pro model color is dedicated to a specific pro, which is why they will cost slightly more than a non-pro model. Purchasing a pro model is a way to support your favorite diabolo pro!

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