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Package Delivered

Shipping and Handling

How We Do It

Orders will be shipped once payment has been received. Shipping rate is calculated based on the total price of your order.

  • Shipping for orders under $30 will be $5.99.

  • Shipping for orders between $30 and $300 will be $9.99

  • Orders over $300 will be eligible for free shipping. ​

Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. Contact us anytime for more information about shipping fees.  ​


Returns and Repairs at Sundia USA

Once you have purchased a product, you will not be able to return or exchange it. If you find a problem with your order, please contact our distributor here and he will do his best to assist you. If parts of your diabolos break while you are using them, you can contact us for information regarding repairs and replacements. 

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